Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Avocado Chocolate Mousse is a rich and velvety chocolate mousse that will blow you away.  Dark chocolate, fresh avocado, cocoa powder, and more come together to make a healthy chocolate mousse.  You can make this mousse for a mid-day treat or even an after-dinner dessert. This recipe comes together really fast. All you have to do is wait for the avocado mousse to set up in the fridge. This vegan chocolate mousse is super creamy and full of chocolate flavor.   This Avocado Chocolate Mousse Is… Vegan Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Made with Simple Ingredients  Healthy How to Make Chocolate Avocado Mousse  Start by melting your chocolate. Use either a double boiler or microwave to heat the chocolate.  Add all your ingredients to a bowl, and then whip together until creamy.  Once your mousse is blended, pour in a bowl or single-serve containers. Refrigerate as directed.  The full directions and measurements for ingredients are in the printable recipe card below.  Tips and Tricks Topping Ideas  This mousse is so fantastic that you can essentially top it with anything—chopped nuts, shredded coconut, fresh fruit, vegan cream, and so much more. Or go plain and eat it as is. No matter how you choose to […]

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