Cranberry and Pecan Vegan Cheeseball

Growing up as the only vegetarian in a big family of omnivores was pretty rough. Most of my holiday meals involved a plateful of sides, appetizers, or worse, hanging in there until after dinner and making a meal of dessert. My family has changed quite a bit since those days, and so have I. For one thing, I learned to cook, which means I’ve always got a dish in hand and will never go hungry again at a family gathering. For another thing, my diet has narrowed even more, so now in addition to being meatless, dairy is almost completely out as well. Fortunately, my family lately seems to be moving in the same direction. My parents are slowly cutting back on meat, my husband’s diet is pretty much in line with mine, and I’ve got a brother and sister-in-law working towards veganism. I never would’ve seen this coming, but I couldn’t be more gratified, and not just because it makes it’s easier for me to actually eat something at holiday gatherings, but also because now I’ve finally got other people to cook for. I’m happy to say that everyone seems impressed with my vegan creations. Anything involving cashews is […]

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