Slow Cooker Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Photos by Rikki Snyder One of my favorite slow cooker discoveries has been that you can make incredible mashed potatoes in them. No peeling (unless you want to), no chopping or boiling—or pots boiling over on the stove, for that matter. Just plop the potatoes in the slow cooker along with a little liquid, turn the slow cooker on, wait, mash, done. I first tried slow cooker mashed potatoes last year, and I was immediately hooked on the method. The basic formula, I’ve found, is this: 2 pounds of potatoes + 1/4 cup of liquid (water or broth) + 2 tablespoons of butter + a little salt. For this recipe, I doubled the quantities so the result will feed a larger crowd (think Thanksgiving). Once the potatoes are tender—about 4–5 hours on high, more like 7–8 on low—you mash them right in the slow cooker and then add milk or cream, a little more salt and maybe some pepper, and anything else you’d like. And that’s it! I especially love working garlic into the equation. Just add whole peeled cloves up front, along with the potatoes; the garlic cooks up tender and mellow (no roasting separately). Seriously. Easy. What’s even easier? When you opt for […]

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